Noah Hoffman Fantasy Cross Country
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Hi! It's Noah. I'm writing to ask you to financially support fantasy cross country and here's why: Two amazing organizations: the NNF and Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel (RMNA), raise money every year to cover my racing and training camp expenses. Unfortunately, the U.S. Ski Team is unable to cover any of my personal travel expenses (flights, lodging, food) even at World Cups or World Champs. Thanks to the NNF and RMNA, I am able to use the money I receive from my personal sponsors, any personal donations or grants I receive and any prize money I win (I'm working on it!) to pay my day-to-day living expenses... And now that money also goes towards paying for this game. When I started fantasy as a Google Form for the 2015 World Champs, the only expense was paying to ship prizes oversees, which my domestic sponsors have never been able to cover. Then, last fall Adam Mahar came to me with his brilliant website, more or less as you see it today. He asked if I wanted to use it. Well, yeah! So all of a sudden the game grew fast, as did the expenses. Expenses still included paying for shipping internationally but now also included website hosting, a mass email service and most importantly paying Adam. I don’t pay him for the original build of the site, he is letting us use it for free, but I do pay him for day-to-day maintenance and scoring. (I pray he never calculates his hourly as it would be pennies.) Even with Adam doing so much work, I felt like managing the game last season (marketing it, soliciting prizes from sponsors, shipping prizes and sending weekly emails) was taking away from my skiing. So this year, rather than getting rid of the game, I hired a second person, Muffy Roy, to help with all of my jobs from last season. As you can imagine, the expenses have become a significant percentage of the money I have to live on. So I'm asking for your help. If every person on this mailing list gave $1.50 it would cover the expenses of the game. However, since many people can't or won't give, I’m suggesting a donation of $10. If this raises more than the cost of the game, then thank you for the support of my skiing also. Regardless of whether you're able to give, thanks for playing Fantasy Cross Country! I hope it's been fun and that it's made following the World Cup a little more interesting. As always, if you have suggestions, comments or questions about the game, feel free to email us (Adam, Muffy and me) at, or if you have questions or concerns for me personally, please feel free to email me at Sincerely, Noah